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  • AI infuses vitality into the global economy, looking forward to "China moment"

    Date:2017-06-29 15:12:33

  • Artificial intelligence first into the government work report, to promote the field of artificial intelligence has been widely appreciated. Robin Li, chairman of the National Committee of the Chinese people's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) and chairman and chief executive of Baidu, made an interpretation of it.

    Robin Li: AI for the global economy into vitality, looking forward to "China moment".
      This year's government work report, mentioned in the key tasks in 2017, speeding up the R & D and transformation of "artificial intelligence" is one of the emerging industries that need to be nurtured and expanded.
      Artificial intelligence is like a new revolution in science and technology, which injects new vitality into the long-term depression of the world economy. By last year, many key technologies, is the history of the development of artificial intelligence on the thick and heavy in colours of the year. More than half a century since its birth, it has finally come to the critical point from technology research and development to industry applications. Many studies have shown that the artificial intelligence of the traditional industry, business models, industrial chain and value chain of subversion, will be in the global economy, social life in all aspects of the face of qualitative changes.
      Since the industrial revolution in eighteenth Century, every technological revolution has reshaped the pattern of global competition. China has missed the historical opportunities of the previous technological revolutions, and this time, artificial intelligence is a strategic opportunity China must never miss. Completion of the Chinese manufacturing industry, from "sweat driven to innovation driven", "from gear driven to intelligent drive" upgrade, artificial intelligence is China's transformation and upgrading of one of the strategic opportunities. In fact, the global competition for artificial intelligence has already started, and governments are busy laying out industrial applications. And in this competition does not count every minute and second, Chinese backward. From unmanned cars to robot jobs, from medical care to baby sitter, you can see the figure of artificial intelligence.
      As far as Baidu is concerned, a lot of basic work has been done over the past few years. Recently, the state approved, Baidu led the preparation of the depth of learning, technology and applications, the National Engineering Laboratory officially inaugurated, becoming the first National Engineering Laboratory in the field of artificial intelligence. This year the CPPCC meeting, I proposed to promote the application of artificial intelligence industry recommendations, for example, want to use artificial intelligence technology to optimize the visual traffic light design, ease traffic congestion; face recognition technology, especially the cross age recognition ability, assist the public security authorities to find the lost child, this technology is relatively mature.
      Of course, there are many areas in which artificial intelligence can flourish. Artificial intelligence has the ability to help us solve some difficult problems in the industry development and social governance, to strengthen the industry application from the national level, the future prospects for the development of artificial intelligence will help achieve more bright, enhance the economic vitality, construction of national innovative economic goals.
      In the technological boom of artificial intelligence, China stands on the same line with other countries. Chinese scientists, engineers and entrepreneurs must go all out to let this global technological innovation move into the "China moment" that is exciting to us all".

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