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  • Vacuum chuck structure type

    Date:2017-06-29 15:20:14

  •   Vacuum suction is one of the actuators of vacuum equipment, sucker material with nitrile rubber manufacturing, has great tensile force, so it is widely used in all kinds of vacuum equipment, such as construction, papermaking and printing, glass and other industries, realize the sorption and transport of glass and paper thin and light goods task.

       Vacuum suction cup (sponge vacuum suction disc), also known as vacuum spreader and vacuum suction nozzle, in general, the use of vacuum suction grab products is the cheapest way. There are many kinds of vacuum suction cups. The sucker made of rubber can be operated at high temperature. The sucker made of silicone rubber is very suitable for catching the rough surface products. The sucker made of polyurethane is very durable.

       Vacuum chuck structure type:

    Type 1:

             The flat sucker has various shapes and many kinds of materials, and is especially suitable for transporting workpieces with smooth surface.

    Type 2

              The short wave tube type sucker has good rigidity of attraction, good cushioning performance and strong suction force when contacting the workpiece, and the bellows can be moved in small stroke to separate the fine workpiece, but it is rarely used for vertical lifting;

    Type 3

               The long bellows are similar to those used for short wave tube suction cups, but they can be used in larger horizontal directions and less height and can be used for longer distance delivery.

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