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  • Considerations for use of vacuum generators

    Date:2017-06-29 15:20:37

  •   The vacuum generator is the use of a new, positive pressure air supply to produce negative pressure is efficient, clean, economical, small vacuum components, which makes the compressed air of the place, or in a pneumatic system and the need of positive and negative pressure where negative pressure becomes easy and convenient. The vacuum suction vacuum generator manufacturers pointed out that widely used in industrial automation machinery, electronics, packaging, printing, plastics and roboticsfields. Traditional uses of the vacuum generator is sucker with adsorption, various material handling, especially suitable for the adsorption of fragile, soft, thin, non ferrous, non metallic materials or spherical objects in this type of application. That is a common feature of the required pumping quantity is small, the vacuum degree requirements is not high and the intermittent work. Factor analysis of the performance and the effect of suction mechanism of vacuum generator, the design and selection of positive and negative pressure of the roadThe utility model has the practical significance that can not be ignored. The vacuum generator is quick, easy and excellent, and the automatic type selection is included.

           What are the precautions for using vacuum generators:

           ●The limit vacuum of the vacuum generator is higher than that of the vacuum of the vacuum equipment 0.5 times to 1 times the magnitude, in order to satisfy all the amount of gas produced in the process of the vacuum equipment under the working pressure;

          ●The correct working point of the vacuum generator;

          ●Since the vacuum generator has selective sobs, the correct combination of vacuum generators is required;

          ●When choosing a vacuum generator, first understand the composition of the gas, whether there is particle dust, condensable steam, corrosive, etc.;

          ●Does the vibration produced by the vacuum generator affect the process and the environment;

          ●Select the price, operation and maintenance cost of the vacuum generator according to your own requirements.

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