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  • Vacuum sucker factory discusses its degree of adhesion to the workpiece surface

    Date:2017-06-29 15:21:02

  • Vacuum suction disc, also called vacuum sling, is one of the actuators of vacuum equipment.

    Vacuum sponge sucker adopts vacuum principle, that is, vacuum negative pressure to adsorb the workpiece to achieve the purpose of holding the workpiece. The air vent is connected with the vacuum generating device, and when the vacuum generating device is started, the air vent is ventilated, and the air inside the suction cup is taken out to form a vacuum state of pressure. At this point, the air pressure inside the suction cup is lower than the atmospheric pressure outside the suction cup P1, that is, the internal pressure of the sucker < the external pressure of the suction cup, the workpiece is sucked under the influence of external pressure. The higher the vacuum inside the suction cup, the tighter the attachment between the suction cup and the workpiece.


    The degree of fit between the vacuum chuck and the workpiece surface:

              The degree of fit between the suction cup and the surface of the workpiece to be absorbed directly affects the vacuum pressure in the suction cup. If the degree of bonding is too poor, the vacuum of the sucker is difficult to keep, and the purpose of adsorbing the workpiece can not be achieved. In the use of vacuum suction disc, we always hope that the workpiece and sponge vacuum chuck contact part of the surface is smooth and sealed, so that the vacuum suction cup firmly grasp the surface of the workpiece. But this is only an ideal state, often grasping surface does not have ideal conditions such that the workpiece surface is not porous (such as paper) is rough, these factors will directly affect the fit degree of chuck and workpiece surface. When the suction cup and the workpiece surface of the state of the poor, we often say that the leakage phenomenon. There are usually two measures to make up the leak system:     

            (a) the use of high performance vacuum generating devices to supplement the leakage of gas in the shortest possible time. The disadvantage of this method is that there is still a large amount of air leakage in the system, and the energy consumption is higher;    

      (b) reduce the diameter or path of the sucker. The disadvantage of this approach is that when the workpiece is of high quality, the desired vacuum level is not achieved.      

    Therefore, it is necessary to design a new structure of high adaptability sucker for rough and high quality workpiece.

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