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  • Function and operation method of vacuum generator

    Date:2017-09-16 13:29:33

  •     The vacuum generator is the use of a new, positive pressure air supply to produce negative pressure is efficient, clean, economical, small vacuum components, which makes the compressed air of the place, or in a pneumatic system and the need of positive and negative pressure where negative pressure becomes easy and convenient. Vacuum generators are widely used in industrial automation, machinery, electronics, packaging, printing, plastics and robotics and other fields. The traditional use of vacuum generators is the combination of suction cups and various materials for handling and conveying. It is especially suitable for adsorbing fragile, soft, thin, non ferrous, non-metallic or spherical objects. A common feature of such applications is the small amount of gas required, the low vacuum requirements, and the intermittent operation.

        The working principle of the vacuum generator is the use of compressed air jet nozzle, the formation of supersonic jet flow in the nozzle exit, produce entrainment in the gas flow, viscous effect, the nozzle exit surrounding air is constantly being pumped away, the adsorption cavity pressure to atmospheric pressure, the formation of a certain degree of vacuum.

        The use of vacuum generator is more and more widely used in various occasions, the need to pay attention to the use of things, below we will choose from the analysis:

      1.When the flow path is equipped with solenoid valve type, the flow path status must be selected.

    Normally open type: electromagnetic valve OFF (non energized) vacuum.

    Normally closed type: electromagnetic valve ON (power on) vacuum.

     2.Determine vacuum type

    When the adsorbent is heavier, the pressure type H adsorbent should be used as heavy weight such as iron plate, but the H type should be selected with less suction but higher vacuum.

    ②Ventilated objects: flow type, L type adsorption corrugated boxes and other ventilated objects, should choose to reach low vacuum, but inhaled large L type.

      3.Select rated supply pressure

    Select according to rated pressure. Air pressure is supplied according to the pressure when the air compressor is running.

    Rated pressure supply air type 0.5MPa、0.35MPa

     4.Attachment unit

    A combination type vacuum generator has the following selector.

              ①Pressure and vacuum sensor

              ②Vacuum damage function

              ③Vacuum filter



    The function of the vacuum generator is the sucking disc match, carries on each kind of material adsorption and the transportation, specially suits to adsorb the fragile, the soft, thin non iron, the nonmetal material or the ball shaped object. A common feature of such applications is the small amount of gas required, the low vacuum requirements, and the intermittent operation.


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