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  • What are the environmental requirements of using a vacuum chuck?

    Date:2017-09-16 13:46:44

  • In the field of hoisting, as a common type of equipment, the use of vacuum suction cups is very frequent. In many kinds of sucker products, the advantages of vacuum sucker are obvious. Besides the strong pulling force, the safety of the suction cup is relatively strong.

    Note that, in the use of vacuum suction to the reasonable control of the use of the environment, especially the ancillary equipment vacuum sucker vacuum pump installed, a simple view of the vacuum suction generally includes the following requirements:


    1, dust filter in the evacuation of gas when the air requirements are relatively high, especially prohibit the emergence of any dust. In order to achieve this, it is necessary to do so by many means, such as installing filter equipment in the intake pipe, which is an effective method.

    2, the neutralization of corrosive gases, if the gas was removed with corrosive gas, then the formal pump before the neutralization process must be carried out, otherwise it will easily have a greater impact on the quality of the air.

    3, the temperature control for all pumping gas, the temperature control also needs to be precise, be sure to remain at 35 degrees Celsius below the range, in addition to the pump must be treated before the cooling device, it is more prudent.

    4, rated current control, under normal circumstances, the pump starting current will be much higher than the original rated current, so at the start of the best switch through to complete, otherwise it will easily lead to accidents.

    For the vast number of consumers, the vacuum sucker not only need to pay attention to the necessary skills to buy, in daily use, also need to make necessary understanding of the above points, otherwise, it is easy to suffer.

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