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  • Mechanical common sense, 400 questions, 100 questions

    Date:2017-09-16 13:48:32

  • 1: what are the main forms of metal structure?

    Answer: there are frame structure, container structure, box structure, general component structure.

    2: The Riveter operation according to the processes in nature can be divided into several parts?

    Answer: divided into preparation, lofting, molding, assembly and connection.

    3: metal structure connection method which has several?

    Answer: riveting, welding, riveting and welding mixed connection, bolt connection.

    4: in the mechanical manufacturing industry belongs to the riveter (thermal processing class).

    5: what is called hot processing?

    Answer: metal materials all or part of the heating molding.

    9: what is the structure of the framework?

    Answer: to profile as the main body.

    7: the structure of the container is made of what is the main structure?

    Answer: with sheet as the main body.

    8: the box structure and the general structure are made of (sheet material) and (profile) mixed manufacturing structure.

    9: refers to the material (raw material) and preparation (part blank).

    10: in the steel plate (transport, dipping, storage) process can cause deformation.

    11: the steel deformation will affect the parts (lifting, cutting, cutting and other processes) normal.

    12: if not corrected deformation parts produced during the processing, it will affect the structure (the correct assembly) and 1

    13: welding deformation will reduce the assembly (accuracy), so that additional stress within the steel structure, affecting the strength of the component.

    14: flat steel deformation (bending, twisting, bending and torsion complex deformation).

    15: multi roller straightening machine, according to the arrangement of roller shaft and the position of adjustable roller, which can be divided into?

    Answer: can be divided into the upper and lower roller parallel straightening machine, the upper and lower roller tilt correction machine.

    16: what are the heating methods of flame correction?

    Answer: dotted, linear, triangular heating.

    17: what factors determine the effect of flame correction?

    Answer: determined by heating position and heating temperature.

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    18: what are the methods of correction?

    Answer: mechanical correction, manual correction, flame correction, high frequency heat hinge.

    19: what is the first step in making a metal structure?

    Answer: setting out and marking materials are the first steps in making metal structures.

    20: what are the effects of lofting and marking on the product?

    Answer: it will directly affect the quality of the product, has a direct impact on the production cycle and cost.

    21: what are the quantities used for setting out?

    Answer: a wooden folding ruler, a ruler, steel tape, steel ruler etc..

    22: what are the common tools for setting out?

    Answer: there are compasses, ground rules, samples, strokes, small hammers.

    23: what is the procedure of setting out the scale?

    Answer: procedures are linear lofting, structural lofting, expansion lofting.

    24: what are the contents of the lofting?

    Answer: there are plate thickness processing, expansion drawing, production number model.

    25: the model according to its use classification, which kinds?

    Answer: have material model, test model, positioning sample.

    26: what materials are used in making patterns?

    Answer: use a thick 0.5--2 mm sheet iron.

    27: model, sample rod painting, which are the main kinds?

    Answer: there are straight-line drawing method, transition drawing sample method.

    28: how to do reasonable materials?

    Answer: to focus on sets, surplus material utilization.

    29: what kinds of curves?

    Answer: it is divided into plane curve and space curve.

    30: what is the method of straight line length?

    Answer: there are rotation method, right triangle method, branch line method, change surface method.

    31: what is the process of lofting?

    Answer: through geometric drawings, first draw the intersection line, the long line, the cross section solid shape, and then make the expansion map.

    32: what is the basic method of plane intersection?

    Answer: ridge method and edge plane method.

    33: what are the basic methods for finding the intersection of curves?

    Answer: longitude and latitude.

    34: what is the main method of intersecting lines?

    Answer: auxiliary plane method, plain line method, spherical surface method.

    35: what are the characteristics of intersecting lines?

    Answer: (1) the intersecting line is the common line and dividing line of the intersection of the two bodies. (2) because the form has a certain range, the intersecting line is always closed.

    36: what is called intersection line?

    Answer: the intersection of the plane and the solid surface.

    37: what is the prime line?

    Answer: any part of the bus bar on the surface of the component is called a prime line.

    38: what are the common methods of unfolding?

    Answer: there are parallel line method, radial method, triangle method.

    39: what is the division of the sphere usually?

    Answer: there are band method, block method, split valve method.

    40: what are the main contents of plate thickness treatment?

    Answer: determine the neutral layer of the bending element and eliminate the plate thickness interference.

    41: angle bending material length, according to what calculation?

    Answer: by the center of gravity calculation.

    42: shear line shears are there?

    Answer: Longmen oblique oblique bar shearing machine, shearing machines, combined punching and shearing machine.

    43: what kind of machine tools are there in the shear curve?

    Answer: Circular shears, vibrating shears.

    44: what are the characteristics of vibrating shears?

    Answer: vibrating shears can shear the various curves and the inner hole.

    45: what is the combined shearing machine tool composed of?

    Answer: by inclined mouth scissors, steel shears, small punch composition.

    46: try to analyze the drive sequence of the cutting machine.

    Answer: the order on the grounds of the original - transmission - workpiece

    47: the front plate shears in Longmen has what function?

    Answer: mainly play a role in positioning.

    48: in Longmen or oblique bed, shear localization which has several forms?

    Answer: there are shear plate positioning shear, back plate positioning shear, baffle positioning shear.

    49: oblique shear for the material on the shear force can be broken down, why?

    Answer: can be divided into shear force, horizontal tension, leaving force.

    50: angle bending material length according to what?

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